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In this podcast I give 3 simple and highly effective nutrition tips to help boost brain and mental health, and improve memory and cognition! Everyday we face toxic or negative situations that can really mess up our mental health if not managed correctly. In this episode I discuss how to deal with toxic people, words, and situations in the best way that will ensure your mental health is protected.

If you have suffered a trauma recently and find it hard to move on, or maybe you find yourself struggling to deal with the hardships in life, then this podcast is for you. In fact, this podcast episode is for everyone. In this episode I interview Lori Volkman, a member of my team and a lawyer who defends patients who have been involuntarily committed to psych wards.

In this episode we discuss how to recover and deal with trauma, how to help someone who may be struggling with recovery, why we need to stop silencing our pain with meds, and so much more.

Caroline’s Coupon Tips: How to use a B1G1 Free coupon with a BOGO Sale

This episode is one you cannot miss. In this episode I discuss what Alzheimer's is, how it develops, how to prevent it, and how to help someone in your family or someone you know who may have it. In this episode I discuss 4 simple and practical tips to help you reduce anxiety in your life immediately.

These four steps will help you build up your stress resilience and help train your brain to correctly deal with anxiety. I use these tips in my life daily and they really work!

Everyday I receive questions on how to deal with burnout and it seems like more and more people are struggling with major mental health issues that are a direct result of burnout. Daily Health Notes From Caroline, Medical Intuitive "The attainment of physical health, vitality, stamina and vibrancy is not a mystery; it is there for every single person. That's right, I have partnered with a company called Reflect to bring you daily health and inspirational messages.

This will keep you focused on your health and life goals. Each "Health Note" is designed to counteract limiting beliefs that may prevent you from achieving optimum health and vitality. Consistently affirming your health goals with a "Health Note" message, leads you to inspired action and positive results. I chose healthy thoughts.

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