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At Airforce Airconditioning we are passionate about people and our knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians work with you every step of the way from design to supply to installation.

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When it comes to air conditioning providers, Airforce Airconditioning only partners with the best. Dealing with some of the biggest names in the industry, we have a wide range of air conditioning units to suit your home and lifestyle. Daikin is a market leader in the field of air conditioning and considered one of the best in the industry. As an authorised Daikin air conditioning dealer, we are able to supply Daikin refrigerated ducted systems in both of our Perth and Bunbury locations.

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The extensive range of Panasonic air conditioners are perfect for hot Western Australian summers. With exclusive access to the entire product line, Airforce Airconditioning can help you choose the right reverse cycle air conditioner to make sure you keep cool. From their stylish designs to their budget friendly prices, Samsung are sure to have the perfect system for your home. Known for their innovative air management solutions, Advantage Air are one of the most exciting brands in the business. So what are you waiting for?

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Start a conversation with the team at Airforce Airconditioning today to receive your free quote. As the name suggests, they pump heat from one place to another. Here's how they work. If you're looking to put a brand new ducted system in an existing house as opposed to incorporating it into a new build , you'll need to take into account a whole lot of details about the structure, inside and out. You should have all of the following info before you start shopping around for quotes or designs:.

There are several design features to consider. A supplier may be able to offer a range of options, depending on the design and requirements of your home. The ducting is a key component of the system.

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Ducts need to be thermally efficient so that valuable cooling or heating isn't lost travelling between the air conditioner unit and the target room. Check the labels on the ducts or get a written statement of compliance to make sure you get the right quality of ducting. Modern air conditioners are very efficient - for every kW of electricity consumed, three or more kW of heating or cooling capacity can be produced.

Window and split-system models must carry an energy rating label the star-rating system.

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Ducted systems have to meet minimum energy performance requirements, but don't carry the energy rating label. Browse our product range Split System Air Conditioning Heat or cool a single room or space. Multi Split Air Conditioning Heat or cool multiple rooms with one outdoor unit. Ducted System Air Conditioning Heat or cool your entire home.

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Air Purifiers Improve the indoor air quality of a specific room or space. A Sensitive Smart Choice.

One thing that always gets neglected though, is our air conditioner filters. What product has the features you're looking for?

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Compare Products. Learn more about Daikin Need more information, here are some articles that you might like. Secrets to better indoor air quality and a mould-free home While it may be invisible, indoor air quality IAQ has a big impact on our health and comfort at home.

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