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I am buying coins so why do i have to constantly close popups. They also are extremely slow coming up and often cause the game to crash. The daily challenges and events are a joke now. None payed over 4 million. This drastic changes in this game make me think it has new owners. Ones that are ok with taking every penny you have and giving very little in return. This game used to bring me alot of enjoyment But now after playing you always feel cheated and depressed. The developers missed the point of my negative review. The bottom line is, you can not maintain your status IF you do not buy coins!

Claiming daily bonuses and connecting to Facebook will not do it alone.

In order to progress up and stay at that level, you have to buy coins. This is the only slot game that I know of that penalizes you for winning. The only ways to progress is collecting bonuses, which I did, connect to facebook which I did and buy coins. There are much better games out there.

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I have 2 issues with this app. The first is that you have to pop the ballon in order to receive them. It is a constant distraction between big wins and balloons. If we have earned a reward, we should receive it not have to notice the balloon and pop it. My second issue is the the bet increases even when I am not increasing the bet.

I lost nearly ,, chips on a couple of spins that I did not increase the bet. This occurred after purchasing them minutes before. This happens on a regular basis. Also, the bet button is too close to the bottom of the app and is in an area that I am using to hold my iPad. Possibly I unintentionally hit the bet button while holding it as it was on auto resin.

In either case, whether it is increasing on its own or because of the bet location, I have lost nearly ,, chips. Getting real irritated with this app and will delete it when my chips are gone. Konami slots is rigged. At first I was able to get to the different vip levels and have made it to the emerald level.

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But I cannot go any further no matter how much I play, how much I bet per spin, and how much I spend to purchase points so I can keep playing. In fact, the more I spend to purchase points, the less points I get per purchase and the price to buy extra points keeps getting hire. I am now sorry I spent money on buying extra points to keep playing.

I am not spending any more money on this game. I felt I needed to submit this review to warn others who are thinking about installing this app. If you are be aware that it will lure you in and once you start spending money to purchase extra points to keep playing it will get more and more expensive to keep playing. This app sucks, they give u coins but dont let u win and when u purchase coins and try to bet higher so u can win and keep.

The latest update is very frustrating. I have uninstalled 3 times and it still isn't working. Hopefully someone will get this up and going. This has ruined my consecutive times which is very disappointing. I played Volcanic Rock Fire betting 1.

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So now I only have 46,,! During the faulty spin, I won and when I checked how much I got into my amount is when I noticed a huge discrepancy! My sister has an extreme amount of followers and wanted to post about this app! I told her let me contact them first! Somebody better fix this or refund my money!! I trusted this app! Now it happened to me!! Until they fix this, it gets my lowest rating!

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I have contacted their support team about this and they have not responded! Pop up galore on Mincrotransactions. If you start getting pop ups for buying more coins, expect it on every screen other than when playing. So if when you log in, itll pop up. Get your free spin, itll pop up afterwards. Run out of coins? Pops up.

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Go back to the menu? Yep, expect it to pop up. The facebook version is worse. It was fun sort of mindless stress relief. I stopped using Facebook and lost my progress. And that would be fine! My inability to budget and control my spending is my own fault.

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But then I went to play today, like I do everyday, and discovered that somehow, for some reason, all of my progress had disappeared. I was back at level one with most games locked. I have never once redeemed points for real-life rewards. I literally just spent an ungodly amount of money to spin fake slots on my phone and all of the fake progress that money bought just There is no way to contact support or help unless you use Facebook. I feel like I have been scammed, conned, robbed, etc.

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Stay away. I have had this game for a very long time. I have given this a two star review because it has my favorite slot machine. However, not only does it not pay out, if I happen to win something big, somehow it quickly disappears.