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We are trying to take a very high dynamic range image Our 32 bit merge file and fit or compress that information into a medium such as a print or display on our monitors that has a much lower dynamic range.

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So we need to tone-map or place the different tones within our final image that gives us the perception, of that wide dynamic range. Now we can do that in a realistic, as the eye sees method as I usually choose or we can do it in other methods that have no basis in reality but may be what the artist desires. So we do our tone-mapping and we get the balance as good as we can get but we still know there are areas we can get better that is beyond what may be capable in the HDR Program.

This is where we turn to our other local methods of dodging and burning and also the use of Layer Masks or adjustment brushes along with the use of what may be global adjustment methods such as Levels, Curves and Saturation. The examples I am going to give will be using Photoshop which I still think is the best for finish editing; the methods shown can also be done in most pixel editing programs including Paint shop Pro and Photoshop Elements.

For those of you that may not be Old School and have worked in a dark room with film negatives and print making.

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Dodging and Burning were methods used in a dark room to make local adjustments to a print. Dodging was a way to make an area lighter, Burning was the opposite and made the burned areas darker. These methods and names continue with us today but they just are done digitally and also we have a lot more control of the range that these tools cover.

We now can be even more precise than the darkroom counterparts. We can also make local adjustments using global adjust tools such as Levels and Curves. These adjustments usually work globally but through the use of layer masks or selection we can apply them only to a smaller area. OK, so here is our starting image. Now I could have brightened the entire image in tone mapping but doing so I loose the detail I want in the sun.

The other problems are: Haloing around the Lifeguard Tower, the sky is too dark overall and we could use a little more detail in the beach area. When the curves dialog came up since I knew that blue sky is an almost perfect mid-tone I boosted the curves line up centered at mid-tone.

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The nice part about Adjustment layers is that they already come with a Layer Mask so there is no need to add one. In the default layer mask the mask is filled with white, which means that it fully conceals the layer below.

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To reveal the layer below we would paint with Black. As you can see on the mask I painted around the sun and the horizon but I also painted around the tower to take out some of the haloing around it. So that is how we apply an adjustment to a large area but not the entire image.

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  • Using the Assign Location command!
  • The nice part about the dodge and burn tools is that we can select the tones of the image we want to work on; Shadows, Mid-Tones and Highlights. Sometimes figuring out which one we want to use is confusing. The app also makes it easy to find and eliminate duplicate photos.

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