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Capital FM innovated in an entirely different way, finding the necessary brand story to convince listeners around the UK that something previously seen as regional was now dedicated to their needs. When Microsoft created its Nerdomat machines — a hybrid of an entertainment and vending machine — to promote Windows 7 to German students, it saw levels of engagement far outstrip more traditional outdoor campaigns. Red Hot World Buffet differentiated itself from all the anonymous all-you-can-eat restaurants operating in the UK by developing a loyalty scheme, competitions and staff-motivation programme.

With so much variety and quality in the entries, it proved difficult for the judges to choose a winner. So I congratulate all of those on this shortlist. Innovation is vital for brands to develop; here are nine great case studies showing how it is done. Those to year-olds in the market for a LAD — or a Long Alcoholic Drink as it is known in the trade — are a fussy lot, invariably looking for something new and refreshing to tickle their taste buds. The name of the new product has followed the numbering concept that Bulmers used for variants of its range in the early s, using heritage along with modernity.

Crucially, the new range has been given massive support. This approach was also applied to an experiential campaign, where consumers were invited to support a secret new act playing in a pub. Hidden cameras recorded their reaction when the act turned out to be chart topper Plan B.

Broadcast, outdoor and PR have all been used to raise awareness, while QR codes, mobile, experiential and social media have been used to drive consumer engagement — with the focus once again on experimentation. When Bulmers asked for experimenters, it found many. To relaunch a popular local radio station as a national player involves a process filled with paradox. For Capital FM, the key challenge has been to keep the things that had made its station popular in London, while introducing it to places such as Yorkshire and Manchester.

The Capital FM marketing team set out to reinvigorate a heritage brand that had been intrinsically linked to London since , while simultaneously launching it as a completely new brand. It has had to mitigate negative feelings toward London from many other areas of the UK that are proud of their own identities, and appeal to national advertisers while creating a local appeal for listeners around the UK. Adding in an audience of to year-olds, with a to year-old core listener group, which demands high levels of communication, connectivity and engagement, puts the challenge in context.

A close relationship with recording artists has turned out to be vital, with 15 hours of exclusive footage of 10 top artists being blended using CGI into a seamless Capital environment for 20 variants of a TV campaign. An army of brand evangelists was recruited to further embed Capital into the cultural life of the regions, while bespoke experiential kits have driven listener engagement. An extensive promotional campaign has used partnerships to promote Capital widely in cinemas, shopping centres, gyms, universities and other key institutions.

The combination of a TV campaign using global stars with a local focus has been the key to managing this brand innovation process. Moving an established lager brand upmarket by launching a new bottled premium variant to consumers used to a version sold in cans requires a deft hand to communicate changes both to consumers and within the company. For more mixed social occasions, bottled beers are seen as more upmarket and appropriate, but many of the tribal drinkers perceive continental-style lagers to be too heavy and challenging.

Just as importantly, research has shown that many of them felt other bottled lagers were trying far too hard to be cool. The duo ends up giving fashion advice to actress and model Holly Valance. Extensive outdoor, PR and digital activity have been used to support the campaign. Internally, sales staff have been given what they have described as the best briefing they had seen, while a significant spend on point-of-purchase and sales activation has ensured that customers can see the brand when they visit stores it is stocked in.

The brand has been a success, selling 33 million bottles within five months of launch. Devised for Microsoft Germany by agency Wildstyle Network, it represents a new way for the Windows 7 brand to engage with students, a key target market for technology companies.

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As the chief marketing instrument of the A Heart for Nerds campaign, the Nerdomat is a hybrid entertainment and vending machine that dispenses nerdy merchandise to students who win its games. Entering a win code into the vending machine can also yield merchandise, and users can use an integrated music slot to listen to Nerd Song by German hip hop group Blumentopf.

The track was composed especially for Nerd Day. Initial trials of the Nerdomat started in November , with subsequent rollouts meaning there were 19 of the machines in German universities in They were sited, for 10 week periods, in busy locations such as cafeterias or entrance halls, where they could achieve maximum visibility and footfall.

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  6. The main objective of the Nerdomat is to raise awareness and improve attitudes of non-technical students to Microsoft and the Windows 7 brand. The strategy has been to add a positive sheen to the whole issue of nerds, with a consequent change of attitude to Microsoft among target consumers. Social media, including a Facebook app, a digital push through Wi-FI and Bluetooth, and a conventional flyer campaign have all been employed to raise awareness of the campaign and to distribute win codes for use in the Nerdomat.

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    Participating students are said to collect the merchandise they receive from the machines, which over time has been changed in line with wider Microsoft promotions for hard- and software as part of the A Heart for Nerds campaign. Installing one machine on a campus incurs costs similar to a poster campaign but reaches more students, with a lower wastage rate. The Pizza Express App is all about changing the behaviour of customers by offering them something new and genuinely useful.

    The company has achieved an industry first: a free iPhone app that lets customers pay instantly and securely for their meals, via PayPal, and in real time to avoid waiting for to pay through the restaurant staff. The app also allows diners to find and book tables, view menus and receive and store special offer codes and receipts.

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    The launch of the app has been accompanied by the rollout of free Wi-Fi to all Pizza Express customers, via The Cloud, and the introduction of electronic point-of-sale PoS systems that allow seamless integration between the app and traditional payment methods. The chain calculated that waiting for and paying a bill in the conventional manner takes an average of minutes, a period that can feel too long for anybody in a hurry.

    The purpose of the app is to transform the dining experience by speeding up the least pleasant part of it. Spreading the word of such a modern feature has been carried out via digital marketing. By email, Pizza Express has told its 3. The Cloud has been used to communicate news of the app, also paying for print advertising. The , monthly visitors to the Pizza Express website have been targeted, while a further , have seen in-restaurant PoS. Online banner ads have made the message even harder to miss.

    The results suggest that many people have seen the marketing activity.

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    The target was to achieve , app downloads in the first four months, and 10, bookings made through it in the first month. Using online content to drive offline purchase, as an exercise in consumer engagement, is a challenge that has been undertaken by HowTo. Developed to enable videos to be more interactive, the LinkTo player allows viewers to click on interactive hotspots to gain information on highlighted products or features, and to add them to a virtual shopping basket with a third-party retailer.

    The viewers can also fill in data-collection forms within the LinkTo player to register, for example, for special offers or promotions offered by a brand. As a pilot programme, the project used existing Febreze content from TV campaigns. While the viewers were watching the content — an embedded YouTube video within Facebook — on a tab in their browser, it was overlaid with an offer to print out a discount coupon — an immediate call to action while they were viewing relevant content.

    By introducing a new level of customer engagement and interaction, the trial could change how brands interact with customers. But it has also become a master of customer engagement, using PR, ads, social media, discount vouchers and staff training to maximise every opportunity available to draw diners in.

    The concept of RHWB was to reinvent the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.

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    At RHWB, these chefs jointly create up to dishes, from the cuisines of seven countries, every day. They cook portions in front of customers, demonstrating the freshness and expertise in each dish and creating visual theatre.

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