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This is the most straight-forward path, though the slightly more expensive one.

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The lightweight Colt is nearly perfect for a first AR With this particular option, you are set for a long long time and are sure to have a very functional and easy to handle rifle. These companies all make great rifles, and I vouch for them. You can actually save a little money with this path since you can buy half the weapon now and the other half later.

You also have a lot more configuration options of pre-built uppers ready to go. It is what I used for my second project, and the base inspiration for the minimum capable carbine. The AR is the most popular self-loading rifle in the country. Manufacturers spend an awful lot of advertising dollars to sway your opinion. To start this off, I want to tell you my guiding principles when it comes to gear.

I hate wasting money. Because of that, I spend a lot of time researching nearly every purchase I make. You can imagine what the year and a half looked like while I researched my first AR Even then, I still got parts of it wrong.

This is an old military saying meaning that you should select equipment best suited to the task at hand. It was designed for close quarters and clearing buildings. Likewise, there is little benefit to using a nice precision match rifle for dumping high volumes of lead into a dirt berm with you buddies.

The AR, and all its various configurations, is one of the most well-understood and popular rifles in the world. There are hundreds, if not thousands of configurations. The thing to remember is that each of these configurations had a purpose in mind. But, in all, they do their job extremely well. The more you specialize an AR for a particular role, the worse it performs at others.

For example, short barreled rifles are great for quick handling at close range, but they have dramatic velocity drop off and skull-rattling concussion. Heavy barreled precision rifles suited to long-range shooting are a relative pain to carry. That brings us back to the opening question: What is your mission? At least not starting out. Black rifles tend to multiply like that, though. The end result is that the guy looking for a good deal buys the cheaper thing, and then has it break on them after a while.

The first one broke after a few months, so they replaced it with the second. That one made it about a year before they replaced it with another. In all, the money spent on three copies of the same cheap red dot was more than buying a single quality one. That quality sight would have lasted practically forever, and come with a lifetime warranty. But I realized that I was encouraging the wrong line of thought. If a manufacturer starts advertising too far below that price, then you have to ask what kind of compromises they are making to get there. But if you ever suspect that you might be in a position where the rifle going bang every time you pulled the trigger is important to you, then you should consider spending a little more.

I started developing this concept several years ago, when interest in buying an AR began spiking among my friends and coworkers. This spec list is the result of nearly ten years of experimentation, competition, training, and study. The minimum capable carbine is one that reliably performs most tasks well.

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This gives you time to learn the ins and outs of the platform and develop your skills with a rifle that grows with you. This AR carries well, has good accuracy, and always fires as long as a basic maintenance routine is kept. It is equally suited to home defense as it is carrying on a pack during a hike through the woods. But before that, the question will come up:.

Radical AR Upper: Best Cheap AR Upper or Waste of Money?

When I started out, the buzz around the message boards was that it was cheaper to build your first AR The idea was that you could buy the exact parts that you wanted and assemble them together. The hidden costs added up. From shipping all the individual parts to all the extra tools that I had to buy to complete the assembly.

On top of that, I still had to pay someone else to assemble the upper. I watched them do it and always questioned whether they did it right. To date, that upper has been rebuilt three times. That kind of money could have bought me a KAC SR or some other very high-quality rifle out of the box. These days, there are so many good manufacturers making such a wide variety of rifles that it is silly to choose the build route for a first rifle. My suggestion, especially for your first AR, is to buy a complete rifle from a good manufacturer.

These manufacturers produce a good product right around the sweet spot price point. If you still have the itch to build, then you should buy a stripped lower receiver to finish. Then pick up a complete upper from one of the mentioned manufacturers.


Several years ago, a gentleman by the name of Rob S put together the infamous Chart. These specs contributed to the reliability and performance of the rifle. In the years since the chart went public, the gun buyers got smarter and more demanding about what they wanted. In response, manufacturers started touting their compliance, lest they be seen as inferior. These days, the chart is long gone, and nearly all those specs show up on every AR sold. That said, I want to run down the key specification points and offer some tips.

This is not a comprehensive detailed breakdown. Each of these topics has their own associated blog post getting into more detail. Choosing your barrel is a stressful decision for most beginners.

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There are simply a lot of options out there. What you will find below is some quick takeaways from that much larger article. I highly suggest you check out my article on choosing an AR barrel , which will prepare you for making this decision.

Anderson 20 upper

Get it with a chrome lined bore and fixed front sight. This combination is the most versatile for people who own only one AR and need it to do lots of things well. The length primarily affects the velocity and balance of the rifle. Velocity has a huge impact on the trajectory of the bullet as well as its effective range. They targeted these towards competition shooters, since heavy barrels tend to be more accurate. The accuracy thing is interesting. But if this is your first AR then you are not likely to take advantage of the increased capability.

Otherwise, you are better served by learning the rifle and shooting out the first barrel as you practice. That will take about 20, rounds. For most people, that is years and years of shooting, if they ever get there. A lightweight profile puts up with plenty of abuse while also being easier to carry and maneuver. Weight matters. There are a lot of barrel steels out there. It has a bit more durability for use in firearms due to its higher carbon content.

Practical Guide to Buying Your First AR - The Everyday Marksman

Stainless barrels are often used in precision rifles. Historically, stainless barrels were easier to machine and polish, while also being more resistant to corrosion. That means manufacturers shorten their supply chain and produce more consistently machined barrels.